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The rocking chair dates back to the early 18th century and since then it has been used by mothers the world over while nursing and to soothe their babies. As time progressed, the design, styles, and materials used to make rocking chairs have evolved.

One popular variation to the traditional rocking chair is the gliding rocking chair. Instead of rocking back and forth, the glider slides back and forth in a fixed gliding track. Instead of arched chair legs, the base of the glider lays flat on the floor.

While the traditional rocker and the gliding rocker are similar, being similar does not mean that they are the same. Each will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. With a large variety of materials, styles and designs to choose from, the gliding rocker is made to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

Although these chairs seem to be primarily used by mothers and their babies, the gliding rocking chair can be used by anyone. It offers great comfort and provides a means of relaxation and stress relief with its soothing back and forth motion.

Choosing the perfect glider chair for your nursery

Although you will select a gliding rocker primarily based on your preferences and taste, there are some basic features and factors that you may want to consider before making your final decision


As with anything you buy, you may want to assess your finances to determine how much you are willing to spend on a gliding rocker. Your budget may determine which sites or stores you shop at because of variations in price. You might want to buy a used glider and refurbish it in as a DIY project or you may prefer to purchase it new. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is an affordable option for you.


A variety of chair styles are available and the style you select may be determined by where you intend to place the glider. Do you prefer something with a more traditional design? Would you like it to be more modern? Will it be used primarily for breastfeeding and soothing your baby or will it be used by the entire family? Will it be a focal point of your living space or will it be in a corner of the nursery covered with a blanket? Whatever the case, you want to select the ideal chair to suit your individual preferences.


It would be ideal to sit in the glider before you purchase it. It should provide support to both your head and back while giving you room to change your position with little effort. The height should be suitable for you since you want to get in easily and you may also want your feet to comfortably touch the ground. If you intend to hold a baby while sitting in the chair, you may desire armrests with padding to increase your comfort level.


If you have children, you can expect to have all sorts of things spilled on the chair. You may want something that is easy to clean so look for features such as a removable, washable seat cover. Stay away from sharp edges and check to ensure that the frame is sturdy and solid. Look out for parts that may squish fingers or cause injury to your child.


If you are purchasing a glider for your nursery, you should think ahead. Your baby will eventually outgrow the need for a nursery. Instead of throwing out the glider, you may want to repurpose it in another room. Some gliding chairs can be converted to stationary chairs by changing the base on which it sits.

Accessories and extra features

Not all gliding rockers are sold with a matching ottoman, but it may be a feature worth considering. Some are also sold with the option of locking the gliding motion. This can easily stop the chair from gliding in the track. Some gliders also have a reclining feature for even more comfort.

Once you determine your budget and whether or not you prefer a new or used gliding rocker, it should be easy to select the perfect glider.

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