Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Set

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Find the perfect partner for your nursery room with the Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Set.

Sit back, relax and take your baby duties to a more comfortable level with this glider, literally. Take comfort while spending more time with your loved ones as you enjoy this glider and ottoman set.

Experience a royal-like treatment as you sit in this chair’s extremely comfortable padding and smooth quiet gliding.

The seating area is thickly padded with fabric cushions both in the back and in the arms as well to ensure maximum comfort while sitting on this glider.

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  • Extra thick and soft padding for the seat cushion area for added comfort (back and arms included)
  • Steel encased ball bearing mechanism for a smooth and quiet gliding
  • Soft, luxurious fabric with easy cleaning features
  • Quality solid hardwood framework material to ensure the durability of the chair
  • Side pockets available for extra storage
  • Multi-purpose brake system to stabilize glider in different positions
  • DIY Easy to assemble set that comes complete with all tools needed for assembly
  • Comes with a padded ottoman that glides with the chair for a comfortable gliding experience
  • Glider Dimensions: 40″ H x 30″ W x 24.5″ L
  • Ottoman Dimensions: 13″ H x 19.5″ W x 15.75″ L


When you need to sit for a long time, it can become a very tedious, irritating chore. But this isn’t so with the Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Set.

It’s built with extra soft and plush padding for the seat cushion area, especially the back and side arms, to make sitting comfortable and enjoyable. The oversized sitting area is guaranteed to ensure comfort for sitters of all sizes.

Tall, short, plump, or thin either way, the chair is built to accommodate everyone for maximum comfort. Back height is guaranteed to make the glider comfortable especially for tall people, giving ample space for the head to rest while nursing or cradling your little ones.

Straight out of the package, you’ll find that this chair is easy to assemble – complete with a few hex screws and tools needed that will make the assembling easy to accomplish. The ottoman comes pre-assembled in the box.

Also, the chair has side pockets available to make storing your things conveniently accessible while you’re sitting on the chair and cradling the baby – perfect for storing small toys, story books.
The framework is made from quality solid hard wood construction to ensure durability even through the years. Its steel encased ball bearing mechanism is made to make gliding easy and smooth and at the same time quiet.

Crafted from fine and quality hardwood that tends to be expensive, you’ll get more value for your money with a gliding chair that exceeds your expectation.

Experience a pampering fit for a king or queen with this gliding chair and ottoman. Get more value for your money without compromising your safety and comfort with the quality of this chair.


Great products don’t come without a few complaints along the way. Some have found the bearings to be unstable and unsafe.

A few of its users seems to be having some problems with its ball bearing mechanism, though a few remedies and adjustments could be made to address the concerns for this gliding chair.

The ottoman chair is a bit lower than the main chair, some users seem to have problem with its height and prefer to have it on the same level as the gliding chair.

Also, pillows for lumbar support will be useful to make sitting more comfortable, since a few users have found the angle for the back to be a bit uncomfortable.

With just a few minor adjustments, you’ll find this chair the perfect companion for your nursery room.


The Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Set is a glider that is truly fit for royalty.

The craftsmanship and the quality wood material of the product are perfectly made to endure everyday use. This chair combines comfort functionality, comfort and style and takes gliding chairs into a completely whole new level that will surely guarantee to make you a happy customer.

For its price, you’ll find this chair’s quality exceeding your expectation – that’s value for your money, and oh, your comfort.

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