Glider Vs. Rocking Chair

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Rocking chairs have been a nursing necessity for a long time now because babies and even parents find the back-and-forth motion soothing and sleep inducing.

Today’s rockers and gliders take that basic idea and expand on it, providing a comfortable and even stylish place to cuddle, feed, and read to your child. Though used for the same purpose, a glider and a rocker differ in some aspects.

A rocking chair, also referred to as a rocker, is a kind of chair with two curled bands (also identified as rockers) attached to the base of the legs, joining the legs on each side to each other.

The rockers touch the floor at only two points, offering the person the capacity to rock back and forth by fluctuating his/her weight or pushing casually with his/her feet.

While gliders are updated versions of rocking chairs that are designed to slide forward and backward rather than rock in an arc.

Motion is one of the most evident and main difference between the two. A rocking chair features bent legs that offer you a much sturdier slide forward and backward movement.

However, if you desire a gentler motion, a glider would be perfect for you because it features a rotating base which gives a smoother and delicate movement.

The size between a rocker and glider differ. A traditional rocking chair is usually made compact from lightweight materials which make them easier to transport.

Gliders, however, are on the heavier side because of the material that is within the chair. But they come in so many different styles that it can be used as a regular chair.

Rocking chairs nowadays have already developed and are also available in different, stylish designs.

Comfort also plays a big influence. Gliders generally come very cushioned and many of them consist of a matching ottoman so you can relax your feet.

Rocking chairs can have cushion pads strategically placed on them to make them more comfortable, but tends to get uncomfortable after a few minutes. Rocking chairs don’t typically come with ottomans and tend to become uncomfortable when rocking the chair with your feet up.

A good rocker, however, is not only great looking but takes up less space than a modern glider. If your key objective is a rocking motion and coziness, some rocking chairs could be fit for you.

Safety is of utmost importance when deciding between a glider or a rocking chair. Consider reading reports of a few models of gliders that have been recalled in the last few years because of moving parts, or those that have a large gap between the chair and the base that can trap a child.

One of the first things you should do is to check for safety recalls on gliders. Rocking chairs have its legs exposed so tiny fingers can easily get squished as you rock back and forth. Make sure to supervise your child at all times near the rocking chair.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to buy a rocking chair or glider, it is highly recommended to spend the money in buying a very sturdy one. After numerous nights rocking your baby back and forth the last thing you want is to pick up an irritating squeak that keeps the baby awake.

Also, examine all the spindles and moving parts to make certain they are screwed in firmly and glued tightly.

Also look for armrests that are wide and nicely padded. You will have to find one that is able to support your arms as you embrace your child so having them padded will give much more comfort.

If you expect spending a fair amount of time in your glider, you might want to consider some that offer up to six various reclining positions for a more relaxed setting.

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