A Gliding Rocking Chair for Relaxation & Breastfeeding

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Many parents consider a rocking chair an absolute necessity during the first couple months of a baby’s life. Rockers create a soothing back and forth motion that helps to calm a baby and even induce sleep.

Rocking chairs are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials so you can select the one that best suits your preference or nursery room decor.

The Gliding Rocker

The basic rocker has been improved and transformed. Rockers today are made from a variety of materials and are available from different manufacturers in a wide variety of sizes and designs. A few of the types of rockers that are available include the traditional rocker, the glider rocker, the spring rocker, the swivel rocker, and the reclining rocker.

The glider rocker, also called the gliding rocking chair, is the type of rocking chair that we will focus on here. A glider is a type of rocking chair that mimics a swing. The chair imitates a rocking chair as it swings back and forth.

It is comprised of a series of swivels and levers which help the chair to move back and forth on a level surface instead of in an arc. Because of its design, the gliding rocking chair occupies less floor space than the traditional rocker.

Additionally, glider rockers are said to be much more comfortable, but that comfort comes with a cost. As such, gliding rocking chairs tends to be more expensive than traditional rocking chairs.

Gliding chairs are now preferred to the conventional rocking chair because many people believe they are more stable and hence safer to use. Because they stand flat on the floor, the gliding chairs are less likely to topple over.

However, the choice to use a gliding chair should be solely based on personal preference or taste.

Things to Know About Gliding Rocking Chairs

  • Instead of moving in an arch motion, a glider chair moves back and forth in a horizontal motion. In contrast, a traditional rocking chair with its curved bases tend to move in an arch.
  • Many glider chairs include a seat cushion or are upholstered. Some cushions can be easily removed while others are permanently attached to the chair. On the contrary, there are some rocking chairs that do not have any form of upholstery or cushioning. The outdoor gliding chairs can be made of a variety of materials such including plastic, metal, or even wood.
  • Not all gliders have a rocking mechanism and some may or may not include an ottoman. An ottoman could be stationary or could move with the glider.

Benefits of a Rocker

Although the gliding rocking chair is commonly used by parents of babies and young children, it is also used by adults as a means of reducing stress or simply just to create a calming effect. Regardless of the type of rocking chair, however, there are some benefits that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Rocking helps to lower your blood pressure and slow down respiration so it is a good exercise for the mind and body.
  2. The rocking motion has been found to help people with ADD and ADHD to focus better as it fulfils the need to be continually moving.
  3. A gliding chair with an ottoman may help to relieve back pain. This is especially so if the chair has adequate padding. With your feet slightly elevated while sitting, your back will receive more support.
  4. The back and forth movement of the glider helps to calm crying babies, and helps make breastfeeding much more comfortable.

Gliding Rocking Chair Compared to Other Rocking Chairs

A gliding rocking chair has several features that set them apart from other types of rocking chairs.

  • Because the gliding rocking chair lies flat on the floor, it is less likely to leave markings on the floor or damage walls if the chair is set too close to the wall. If you are concerned with floor markings or wall damage, this type of rocking chair might be a good choice for you.
  • The rocking action is very even and smooth. Because of the gliding tracks on the chair, the rocking action is much more consistent and the possibility of the chair toppling over is almost non-existent.

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