65 Best Parenting Blogs You Can Read for Inspiration in 2017

best parenting blogs

Blogging is not an easy job, and if you are a mother, it is a tougher job. There is no easy road, and you would not find easy solutions. Here we have the best parenting blogs of all time. This is where you should look for the perfect parenting skills and advice.

This post is meant to honor the most amazing parenting blogs. All the blogs mentioned here are incredible in their own unique way.

If you are a parent, these blogs will surely help you out. They bring along endless amounts of parenting advice, pregnancy advice, inspirational posts, funny posts and lots of wisdom, overall they will make your life a lot better as a parent and will make it all more enjoyable for you.

susan mann

It is a super fun parenting blog with all exciting features and fun corners. Susan Mann is a working mother of three little girls aged 10, 8 and 4. She is residing in Scotland currently and running her blog since 2010 at susankmann.com. She is an expert in highs and lows of the parenting life. She is also a prominent part of parent blogging community and has been nominated for many awards.

Her blog comes up with lots of valuable information for all the new parents.


This blog was started by Amanda who is a stay at home wife and mother of two beautiful children, both baby boys. She is 30 years old and is married to a resident doctor. She is passionate about writing and blogs regularly at StayatHomePanda.com. It is truly one of the best and real parenting blogs out there and not to forget; she has a huge fan following.

faustis island

The Faust Island is an amazing blog run by Amber who is a family oriented woman. She is a mother of three little children aged 10, 2 and 7 months. She is a wife to a cartographer, and she works as a photographer. She is a beach loving person and loves adventures.

Her blogs are adventurous and informative to read. From food and health to fun corners, she has everything covered at Faustisland.com.

new mumblings

New Mumblings is a blog by Jess who herself is a new mother. She is the mother of two lovely children, a baby boy who is two years old and a baby girl who is five. She is residing at the country side and enjoys every minute of it.

She loves to hear from everyone around her, and you can always contact her at newmumblings@hotmail.co.uk. You can catch her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.


This is one of the biggest parenting blogs; in fact, it is a complete blogging network with so many members. It is a must read the blog for all the mothers out there, and it comes with many wisdom parental advice along with super fun features. You can look for them at Mumsnet.com.

mummy its ok

Mummy it’s okay is a Postpartum Depression running blog since October 2015. She started the blog after her battle with Postpartum Depression. By starting this blog, she hopes that everyone who finds it seeks help sooner than she did.

So now you don’t have to suffer anymore and remember that there are many women who have been on their own PND/PPD journey and they have all recovered, you are not alone! She regularly blogs at Mummyitsok.com! I hope it helps you out!

mummy constant

Mummy Constant is a great parental blog by a 34 years old mother of two school aged children. She is based in the UK. This is a fun blog that will make your laugh more than often and would not let you cry. This blog is surely the best for your moral support and will make you realize that you are not alone in the ups and downs of parenting.

Outdoor activities, baking with the kids, traveling, gardening and photography are all a part of her blog. I am sure you will love it.

mum in brum

This is an award winning family lifestyle blog. Mum in Brum was started by Natalie, a mother of the sweet little angelic girl. She is a first-time mother and loves to write about parental techniques. You can stay in touch with her at muminbrumblog@gmail.com.

I believe you will enjoy her blogs like everyone else does and take inspiration from!

muffin top mummy blog

With a cute name, this is one of the finest blogs. It was started by Lucy who is the mother of a beautiful girl. From the postpartum fitness guides to babysitting advice, you will find lots of help from this blog.

There are remarkable things about the mummy community. Highly recommended to all!


It is another incredible blog by a full-time mother, Urszula, who is a mother of two cute little children. Momosiki is the pet name for her children that she is using for her blog now. This blog is the best one for purchasing clothes for children online. With a huge variety of clothes, you can find all types of clothing and in all sizes.

Baby clothes shopping will become more than fun with this blog. Watch this space for more and more stylish attires.

kamo family

Don’t you want an all in one blog? If yes, then this blog is for you! This blog contains all the valuable information about the times of your pregnancy, new parent advice, baby’s diet, baby’s clothing and what not. You can even find hilarious parenting memes. It was started by four members belonging to the same company that shared the work place.

They usually focus on children below three years of age, and they’ve done lots of work on how you can make traveling with your toddler better.

Don’t take it wrong, it is definitely a funny site, but it comes with valuable information for all the parents out there.

dear mummy bear

Dear Mummy Bear is a great blog by the mother of a super cute 1-year-old baby boy. Her name is Claire, and she is residing in Manchester at the moment. She blogs about multiple things, for example, parenting, lifestyle, super fun adventures, funny things and even the parenting mishaps.

It is surely something that you can take serious inspiration from!

close enough to kiss

Close Enough to Kiss is not just a parenting blog but a semi-annual magazine. It was started five years back by Renee Jeffery who is the mum of 5. She is also an editor and designer. Her blog promotes baby wearing and parenting with the aim to empower parents to be the best parents they can be.

megan kelly

This is the blog by the mum of two amazing boys; her name is Megan Kelly. She is a freelance content writer as well as blogs in the spare time. The blog is all about lifestyle and parenting tips even the beauty launches. This blog was started in 2013, and it has now grown so big. You can also find lots of inspiration from it, give it a try!

attachment mummy

Let’s look at another lovely blog by Leta who is a mother to three children aged 7, 5 and 3. She is residing on the sunny south coast near the sea, and this is how she spends most of her time on the beach and sometimes in the forest as well. This blog is one of best digital influencers in the United Kingdom currently which was initially started in 2012.

It brings along top parental and lifestyle tips for you and will actually make your life a lot less boring and better in so many ways.

aspiring yummy mummy

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy was started by Emma, who is a 30 years old mother to sweet baby. By sharing her simple experiences, she has made this blog fabulous, and it has come a long way. You can find parenting tips, lifestyle, maternity fashion, baby, wears and much more.

the mommy blog

The mommy blog was established by Haajra who is a mother of two beautiful little girls who are both under 4. She is a homemaker and a blogger who calls herself a DIY freak. From baby wearing to cloth diapering and home schooling, there is so much you can learn from this blog.

There is a fun corner as well along with fantastic food recipes for your child. You can follow them on Instagram (@haajrafareen) for daily updates.

mummuddling through

This is a blog by a loving mother of two, Sarah who is simply in love with her daughters, her husband, and her home. She started the blog in 2015. This blog comes with a lot of helpful information including parenting, health and well-being, cool mum club and so much more. Everybody loves it for its versatility, and I am sure you will love it too!

parents need

Parents need to know is a blog by a working mum, Lisa and it is a part of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It brings along all that you need to know about parenting, common parenting mistakes, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and family.

You can find great gift ideas on this site along with the reviews of the best products.

naturally healthy parenting

It is a quite informative blog by mommy Charlene who is 25 years old. This blog features a lot of things that you may want to know about exercises, lifestyle, parenting, traveling, and multiple other tips and advice. There are lots of cooking recipes as well that they have shared with you.

Try it out and have fun!

wave to mummy

Wave to mummy is a blog by Sanna who is a mother to a toddler girl and resides in the leafy area of London with her husband and the little one. This blog will tell you all about the London life of a working mum and will help you with baby fashion, outdoor play and traveling with children.

Overall, it is a great blog and something you can look forward to for regular lifestyle tips and ideas.

tooting mama

It is a blog by Ranji who is a mother to two adopted children. In this blog, she has shared all her life with her children, her parenting experiences and how their children provide her with sheer joy.

It is something that you can learn a lot from and will help you raise the children that are neglected, abused or traumatized for some reason.  It is a blog for a great cause!

the mummy tool box

The mummy toolbox is the blog by one of the most versatile mum you would know, she is the mother of a beautiful child and works as a blogger, a freelance content writer, netballer, runner and is a student as well.

Her blog is an essential read for all the pregnant ladies out there and not to forget; the parenting tips are no less than perfect.

the frenchie mummy

Here is a fun blog by Cecile, who is the mother of a cute little baby boy and a teacher. She is currently residing in the South East of London. She is obsessed with handbags and shoes.

She loves to spend time with her child at home but at the same time, to utilize her brain cells effectively, she blogs at TheFrenchieMummy.com. In her little world, you will find all about lifestyle, parenting, baby fashion and much more.

run jump scrap

This one is a fabulous blog by Sarah who is the mother of her two pretty little daughters. She started her blog in 2015 that has come a long way now. She believes babies and blogging are similar.

Here you will find all, the good, the bad and the funny things about parenting and lots of fun activities that you can perform with your kids. Be sure to check out her blog!

pittsburgh moms blog

This is a parenting website that features everything written by Pittsburg moms. This blog is created with a goal to make this big city feel closer, smaller and attached to each other. Here you will find different perspectives on parenting and lifestyle. I just love this blog; you must give it a look!

more with four blog

More with Four Blog is a blog by Naomi Pelss who is a wife and mother of four children ages 13, 11, 8 and 2.  Her youngest blessing came when she was 41 years old.  Naomi has been a registered Early Childhood Educator for almost twenty years.  

She blogs about her parenting journey at MoreWithFourBlog.com. Some of her posts are informative, some are sentimental, and some of her posts are funny.  All of her posts are honest and real. 

love parenting uae

This blog started when two mothers met and bonded. They have similar values about parenting. Their names are Jasmine Collin & Amy Vogelaar. Their blog is an ideal guide for pregnant women, birth time, baby and toddlerhood and so much more than that. Their goal is to make the parents more attached to their children.

happy science mom

Happy Science Mom is a toolkit for raising happy, balanced children. They share tips, resources, and activities from the world of happiness science to help you teach your children how to live joyfully, fulfilled, and peaceful lives.

They cover topics including mindfulness, kindness, food and exercise, emotional intelligence, creativity, gratitude, and spending time in nature. Struggling with your after school routine? Download 5 Secrets to Ensure a Happy Afterschool Routine today.

blissful domestication

This is another creative blog by Kerry who is 39 years old and a mother of two amazing children and a step mother to one cute little child. After her super fun adult life, she is now spending all her time with her family. Her blog is known for encouraging creativity and imagination in everyone, especially children through various crafts and fun activities.

amy west travel

Life is an adventure! This blog was created by Amy West who is the mother of two pretty daughters and is currently living in Jacksonville. Her blog focuses on expanding young minds through travel. You will find everything about travel and lifestyle on her blog, and it would surely help you a lot with your family trips and other activities.

absolutely prabulous

This is the blog by the mother of three little ones; she is living in Malta currently. Her blog provides tons and tons of valuable information about marriage and its ups and downs, motherhood, and miscellany. You will find lots of sarcasm in funny tones along with some serious guiding as well.

a moment with franca

This one is from France who is a lawyer by profession but does not practice anymore as she now works full time on her blog. She is the mother of two absolutely gorgeous girls aged 7 and 2.

She is originally from Peru but currently, lives in London and is running an award nominated blog that is all about parenting and lifestyle. She blogs about family and everything related to that. She prefers writing about her own family experiences as well as the things she likes doing and places she loves visiting.

empathic parenting counseling

Empathetic parenting counseling and coaching is a blog that is all about comfort, parenting tools, and techniques. It will make your life easy and convenient to a great degree. It was started by Megan who is a therapist by profession and a mother of an innocent little child. Keep checking the blog for more and more useful parenting information combined with lots of fun.


This blog is run by Sarina Behar Natkin who is based in Seattle. She is an author, a parent coach and a speaker. She is a licensed clinical social worker. Also, she is a Certified Gottman Educator as well as a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer.

She is passionate about providing parents with the tools and support they need to raise healthy children and find more joy in parenting.

my funtastic four

A Singapore-based family of six, this blog revolves around the journey of two parents with their four lovely children. It includes everything that is right and all those things that ever went wrong. Annie is the blogger, and the way she has combined parenting with fun is super amazing. I hope you love the blog more than we do!

to love honor

It is one reliable blog that brings along a lot of valuable information for all of the mothers out there. Sheila Wray Gregoire is the owner of the blog and an author as well. She has written 8 books on marriage and sex.

In this blog, she has shared many things about sex, marriage, and parenting. It is definitely going to help you out with your marriage and for raising your children well.

we are parents

This one is a team blogging that Andrew and Larisha, mom and dad run together. It was a combined venture that they started in 2012 when they had their first daughter.

This blog comes with multiple posts, for example, you will find helpful tips on breastfeeding, pregnancy tips, travel recommendations and more. Another great thing about the blog is that they have featured a number of fabulous recipes that your children will love.

wander mum

Wander mum is a great blog by Elizabeth aka Wander. She is the mother of two aged 1 and 4. She is a journalist by profession and is obsessed with traveling, calls herself a travel junkie.

She is an adventurous person and loves outdoor activities like bungee jumping, tubing, sky diving and more. After a lot of hardships in life, she has finally established a successful blog, and her main focus is traveling with children.

triad moms on main

This is an award winning blog that is totally incredible in so many ways. It is meant for every mother out there, and it comes with some serious information that is going to help you out a lot. Food, outdoor recreational activities, children’s corner, education, children’s health, you will find so much to learn from.

the secure dad

The secure dad is a blog that will help all the fathers to make them more and more secure in their fatherhood. Andy Murphy is a father to five children and is a writer as well as a videographer by profession. It will help you out with how you can keep your family safe when you are out somewhere and even at home.

It will alter your mindset, making it secure because Andy believes that a secure mindset helps you live a safe life. You will also find lots of fun things about fatherhood mentioned in this blog.

the muddled mother

This is a blog by Michelle who is also known as the muddled mother. She is a mother of two cute children, and she lives in North Bedfordshire, England. This blog is mainly about the psychological issues, for example, the postnatal depression, general anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

She focuses on mental health, and she is trying to help other mothers through the battle while reminding them it's okay not to be okay.

the greenwich mummy

Here we have a family lifestyle blog. It is again an award winning blog by a loving mother of beautiful children. When she started this blog in 2015, she had a total of 4 thousand views with 2 thousand unique visitors and this year so far she has had 9 thousand views with 7 thousand unique visitors.

This blog will tell you all about the Greenwich mummies and how they spend their time with their children.

tales from mamaville

This is a blog by Nicole who is a freelance writer, blogger, and a former journalist. After becoming a mum, she quit her job but couldn't quite quit writing. So her blog Tales from Mamaville was born, it is all about her personal experiences and what she thinks about being a mother, parenting, and toddlerhood.

She has been published internationally, including in Mother and Baby and Momtricks.

bloom and bundle

This is a very interesting blog by Katie who is a mother herself. Her blog is very helpful for all the young mummies. If you want to set up a baby nursery, this blog is the best for you. In the case you want food inspiration for your child; this blog is again quite valuable for you. It brings along all that information you need to know with a child at home.

average married dad

It was a while ago when Alex, father of two lovely little ones established this blog. His writing is from the perspective of a husband and father and issues men go through in order to become an ideal husband and father.

He has covered pretty much everything on his blog; you will read about marriage, nutrition, parenting, fitness, and life improvement as well as self-improvement tips.

swaddles n bottles

Swaddles n’ Bottles is a blog by Caroline. It is an extremely remarkable blog and was created ideally for all the new mothers and mothers to be. It comes with everything that you need to know about motherhood, and it will make the time of your pregnancy enjoyable with the fun facts and valuable content.

scantily dad

This is a blog by James who currently lives in Berlin with family. He is the father of two twin boys; they were born prematurely. Writing is an activity that James really enjoys.

In this blog, he had written everything about how he struggled with parenthood and how amazing parenting is with lots of ups and downs. It will surely help you in your struggling time as well.

parent club

Parent club is a great blog by Caroline Fernandez who is not just a blogger but a freelance writer as well. She is a mother to three children aged 16, 13 and 6. Other than that, she is an author of two remarkable books.

Parent Club shares information to make life a little easier for busy families. It includes different features about Boredom Busters, food, travel, fashion, home & DIY and more!

mummy must haves

Mummy must haves is a blog by Kirsta Docherty who is a caring mother and a very fine blogger. Kirsta ran and owned a marketing company and started up her mummy blog after having children and finding a need to research great products all in one place along with tips and recipes.

Mummymusthaves.com.au has a strong community of over 11,000 mums. You can find mummy must haves on Facebook, the web, twitter, and Instagram.

mum on the brink

Mum on the brick is a great name, isn't it?  Can you imagine it being a house building website for mums? Well, this is a blog by Monika who is a mother of three little ones.

She loves camping, all the new technologies, and fun gadgets. She has shared lots of valuable things that you can only learn from experience; I am sure it will help you out as well.

mommy and rory

Mommy and Rory is a blog by Becky. She is the first time mother to a cute baby boy. She is in her twenties and lives in Yorkshire. She loves to write, and her blog is all about her motherhood experiences. It includes all her family adventures, and she has included her secret food recipes as well.

modern mom

This is another great blog that I am sure you would love to read. It does not belong to one person only; it has many contributing mothers. The blog content is excellent and includes everything you need to know about parenting and motherhood. With many active social media accounts, they have thousands of followers and over 30 thousand monthly page views.

lucy at home

This is a blog by Lucy who is a stay at home mother. She has two little daughters. Her blog clearly states that parenting can be brilliant, even though it's frustrating or worrying at times.

She tries to use Lucy At Home to explore family life and reframe the tough bits with a positive perspective. She also co-hosts a weekly blogging link called #blogcrush that allows bloggers to promote 1 of their own posts and a post by someone else. It's a great way to share some blog love around and find some fab reads.

kristen yarker

It is a blog by Kristen Yarker, known as the “picky eater dietitian,” Victoria BC-based, child-feeding expert, MSc, RD is who you call when feeding your child isn’t going well.

Since 2008 Kristen has worked with thousands of parents to provide good nutrition for your kids today… And, instill a LOVE of food that lasts a lifetime. Kristen is the go-to consultant for health authorities, the BC Ministry of Health, and non-profit organizations, developing policies and resources used throughout Canada.

On her blog, Kristen shares proved tips for helping even the pickiest of eaters. And, kid-friendly, healthy recipes too!

keeping up with the holsbys

This one is a blog by a TV producer, photographer, storyteller and a mother, Danielle. She has two kids. She is a foodie and loves to eat out. Keeping up with the holsbys, a Sydney based blog, is about food and musings.

There is so much about parenting that you can learn from this blog. You can let her know your ideas as well through her blog and the provided email address danielle@rawbody.com.au.

going dad

This blog is by a stay at home father of an amazing little boy. Health is his first preference, and it is something he has shed lots of light on. In this blog, you will find many healthy food recipes and some serious information about fatherhood and how you can raise your children and have a happy family life.

des moines parent

Here is the resource that connects parents and families throughout the Midwest and beyond. It is not just an online community but a proper monthly magazine. It will tell you everything about parental ideas, tips, family activities and different events.

And the fun part of this blog is that it brings along date night tips as well so when you need a break from children, you can always have some fun on your own.

cuddle fairy

Cuddle fairy is a blog by a woman, named Becky. She is a wife and a mother to three beautiful children. It is a lifestyle blog that includes everything from parenting to fashion. There are a lot of amazing food recipes that you can try with your kids. Also, you will find positivity everywhere in this blog.

crummy mummy

It is a wonderful blog by Natalie, who is a mother, a blogger, and a freelance journalist. This blog comes up with everything that one should know about motherhood. It will educate you about parenting and will make this time quite enjoyable for you.

confessions of an adoptive parent

This is the blog by Mike and Kristin Berry. They have eight children, and their blog is the best for all the stressed out and overwhelmed parents. They are the author of the book, named The Adoptive Parent Toolbox. They have mixed parenting with humor in a great way. I am sure you will enjoy reading them.

coach mediate consult

It is one of the best parental blogs. It is by Karen Bonnell who is working with different families facing transition and loss for more than thirty years. She is a certified and licensed Nurse Practitioner from decades now. In this blog, she has written so much about parenting with all the goods and bads. It includes every little detail and will surely help you out.

breastfeeding needs

Here is another important blog by Jen who is a mother to three little ones, all under five years of age. She has studied information technology and now is a blogger. She has focused on breastfeeding and all its needs and requirements. She has offered lots of support in this regard. There are related product reviews as well.

beauties and the bibs

Beauties and the Bibs is the blog by Jess who is a new mother to a pretty little baby girl. Her blog is full of useful information that you can use. From parenting to fun, there is so much to read. You can follow the blog on social media for regular updates.


This is a blog by Melissa who is a soccer mom and an animal lover. She is the mother of three beautiful daughters. In her blog, she has shared everything about parenting, motherhood and family life. It includes all the struggles of parenting as well as the perfect solution for them and how you can make it all easier and better.

All these blogs are the best parental blogs of all-time. I hope you find them inspirational! Have a great day!