Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Expecting a new baby in the family soon? Rocking chairs will soon become an absolute necessity for your nursery with its gentle and calming rocking motions perfect for baby-feeding and comforting your little ones to sleep.

The Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman is the modern-day rocking chair which combines comfort, style and functionality into one rocking chair that will take your baby duties to the next level by making it more fun and comfortable for both you and your baby.

This contemporary model offers a smooth sliding motion instead of the rocking motion from the traditional rocking chairs, making it a perfect companion especially for nursing moms.


  • Easy to assemble – DIY design
  • Includes a matching pull-out nursing ottoman stool to rest your feet on
  • Upholstered seat cushion made of microfiber for comfortable gliding
  • Fully-upholstered arms for extra comfort and support
  • Spot cleanable cushions
  • Smooth and quiet gliding motions (no squeaking)
  • Safe and sturdy wood frame material
  • Value for money
  • Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 28 x 37.8 in.


The Graco Parker semi-upholstered glider and nursing ottoman is your cost-worthy partner for your nursery which promises both comfort and functionality that comes in style.

Set up your glider in the nursery room in no time, with its user friendly and easy-to-assemble feature which makes it convenient for anyone during its first-time use. The whole set contains three pieces that needs to be attached into the main chair.

The parts contain two side arms and the back of the chair which can be easily attached to the glider with the bolts, washer and screw into the pre-drilled holes of the chair by making use of an Allen wrench (all of which are included in the set).

The ottoman stool comes pre-assembled in the box making the set-up as easy as 1-2-3.

The fully upholstered seat cushions, made of microfiber, provide an extra padding while sitting for an added comfort especially while nursing.

The side arms also come fully cushioned for maximum support for the arms, especially when cradling your little ones. Made from spot-cleanable quality materials, the cushion cover is not only made for comfort but also made for easy cleaning.

Compared to the traditional rocking chair’s motions, the smooth and gliding motions of this contemporary chair guarantees an efficient way to help calm your little ones making it easier to comfort them to sleep.

Its efficient mechanism guarantees no squeaking while rocking the chair. The whole frame material is made up of classic hard wood, for a safe and sturdy foundation.

This cost-efficient partner for your nursery room gives you more value for your money with it’s up to style comfort and functionality.


For great value for your money, this chair doesn’t come without a few bumps along the way. A few people have found the sturdiness of the glider questionable because of the limited screws positioned in the arms and the back of the chair which causes the arms to wobble a bit.

Though, a few remedies can be made to ease all concerns about the safety of the product by drilling more screws to secure the arms into the gliding chair firmly. Some have found the quality of the wood to be weak and easy to break.

Though there have been some complaints about the quality of the craftsmanship and its wood during the initial delivery; with the proper installation and by adding up a few adjustments for a better foundation, this chair will be able to go far in serving its purpose efficiently in the long run.

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Several features should also be considered when looking out for a quality rocking chair which should include the seating space, smooth glide, comfort and cushioning, locking mechanism, sturdiness of the frame material and the visual aesthetics of the chair.

This modern day version of rocking chair is made especially in making your baby-duties more fun and comfortable. Despite its cost efficient value and the quality that this chair can bring in the long run, it’s definitely worth every dime you pay.

Take your baby duties to the next level in terms of comfort and style with the Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman.

Made with quality and value for your money, this might just be the perfect partner for your nursery in comforting your little ones to sleep.

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