How To Clean Your Glider Cushions?

Every gliding chair who’s in it for the long haul is bound to experience its fair share of wear and tear, stains, spit ups and even a few diaper overflows.

That’s not to mention the ghastly stained areas that are irritating to the eye, oh and also the germs and bacteria that may as well be breeding in the fabric of the seat cushions too. All these are bound to happen.

Some gliding chairs have the feature that enables its users to remove the cushion cover, making it easy to clean up after all the mess you have in your gliding chair cushion.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have no problems at all cleaning your glider cushions. Sadly, a majority of the people have gliding chairs do not have the features that enable them to zip and unlock the cover from their cushions.

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones to have this kind of dilemma, then you’re definitely not alone. No worries, with the right materials in hand, you’ll be able to fix and clean your gliding chair cushions even if the covers can’t be removed.


There are lots of ways you can clean your glider cushions, and for them, you require few things. Here’s what you’ll need:

  •    Powerful and handy vacuum cleaner complete with its nozzle and other cleaning attachments.
  •    Steam cleaner
  •    Baby wipes
  •    Dish soap
  •    Clean cloth
  •    Hydrogen peroxide
  •    Spray bottle


You can clean your glider cushions with a vacuum cleaner. Using the vacuum cleaner, make sure to clean the seat cushions intensively. Vacuum cleaners come with different nozzles that will help you to clean the small hidden areas of the cushion. Get into any of crevices by making use of those nozzle attachments of the cleaner to remove the dirt, crumbs and other debris that may have accumulated in these areas.

The vacuum cleaner will serve to take off the dust from your chair and keep the cover looking fresh and clean. It is one of the easiest and most convenient methods.


Baby wipes are simply amazing, they are not just meant to wipe your baby’s face, but they can also help you with multiple other things. Make use of the baby wipes to wipe down the nursery glider cushions. The baby wipes will not only deliver complementary amounts of cleaning agents such as soap and the water, but the wipes will also leave the cover clean and moisturized as it evaporates quickly. Other than all this, baby wipes will leave your glider cushion smelling great.


After cleaning your cushion cover thoroughly, the next problem you’ll be facing has got something to do with stain removal. For this, create a stain removing solution.

Mix in 1 part of your dish washing liquid and add in 2 parts of your hydrogen peroxide. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Do not shake the mixture too much. In the case you think it is too difficult to make at home, there are many stain removing solutions available in the markets by different companies, they work well too. You can get one according to your budget.


Using the spray bottle with your stain removing mixture, spray some of the pre-prepared stain solution mixes and make sure to saturate the stained areas on the glider thoroughly. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

Be patient and wait for the stain to become dissolved completely. Once the stain is dissolved, remove all of the excess formulae that remained on the surface of the glider’s cushion cover. Make use of a clean damp cloth to wipe it off. Repeat the process if the stain is still present.


Use the steam cleaner for the final cleaning of the upholstery of the seat cushion. This will help remove the dirt and grime that can be visibly seen while sanitizing the fabric. It will also make your glider cushion free from all the bacteria and infection-causing viruses. Consider this option, and you can thank us later!


The last and the final option that you have is getting the glider cushion dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is the finest textile cleaning process where different chemical solvents are utilized with water. It will leave your glider cushion all clean, free of dust and allergens and simply fresh like it was when new. This method is a little expensive as compared to others but trust me; you don’t have to get this dry cleaned every other day. One time dry cleaning makes the cushion good to go for six months or so.


Before making use of any stain remover, make sure to test the solution on a small unseen area of the cushion to ensure that the mixture will not cause any unwanted discoloration. Also, use the stain removers that do not contain bleaching agents since they can damage your gliders cushions.

Keep your cushions looking fresh and new for long by regularly cleaning your gliding chair, not only is it the hygienic option, but it’s also a practical way to help preserve and maintain your new glider. So follow these simple tips and keep your glider cushions new and clean. Have a wonderful day!

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