Best Nursery Gliders 2016

The first few months of parenthood is the most challenging part of it. You’ll be up in the wee hours of the morning to feed the baby.

While you can always feed in your own bed, it can get uncomfortable doing it for a while. While a regular chair can work, most babies find comfort in the motion of a rocker glider.

Wooden rocking chairs have been around for a while until gliders came and parents became more in favor of these. It is for a good reason of the latter being way more comfortable compared to a wooden rocking chair because of its upholstery and padding.

The rocker glider’s motion is much more gentle and soothing to babies. The best comfort and ease is guaranteed when you have the best nursery gliders available in the market.

1. Stork Craft Hoop Glider

The Hoop Glider is one of the least expensive options from the popular manufacturer of nursery chairs, The Stork Craft.

The chair gives plenty of seating capacity with padded arm rests which guarantees comfort for the nursing mother. The seat is also easy to maintain with its upholstery made from cleanable materials.

The smoothness in the gliding motion of the chair comes from the metallic ball bearings which are part of its system. It’s features guarantees proper body support and full relaxation. The arm rest also have pockets that you can use to store baby bottles and other baby things.

2. Dutailier Glider Recline

Dutailier, a premium furniture company that manufactures exclusive furniture including chair gliders for your home, ensures classing and modern furniture.

The Glider Recliner is one of the best they have. The style is timeless and made with a delicate sense of style with comfort. It’s hardwood frame makes the chair durable which will surely last for a long time.

The high back is supportive and is perfect for the mother’s neck and back.

The features of this glideris made reliable by the exclusive and patented geometry of Dutailier’s GLIDE-R-MOTION technology allows for an extra-long and smooth movement and by the use of high quality sealed ball bearings.

Its multi-position feature helps stabilize the glider in one’s desired position. It has six different positions to make it as comfortable as possible for the nursing mother. One can easily adjust it into the user’s desired position for maximum comfort.

Its reclining mechanism is fully adjustable to suit your preferences. The cushions are also removable which makes it easier to clean.

3. Status Roma Glider

Whether you need a glider rocker for nursing or just for general use in your living room, the Status Roma Glider will definitely provide the comfort you are looking for.

With its cushions that are filled with microfiber fabric, you are sure to remain comfortable while seated. It is also made in plush polyester microfiber fabric that is very easy to clean.

Its smooth gliding is from the encased ball bearings that ensures that the chair will glide smoothly back and forth, resulting in a calming and quiet rocking motion.

It also has pockets on the sides that are excellent for storing other nursing materials. With a classic back shape, exceptional comfort and sturdy construction, the Status Roma glider is a perfect choice for your nursery.

4. Naomi Home Deluxe Sleigh Glider

This sturdy, luxurious, set presented by Naomi Home Deluxe provides both functionality and design to the home.

The Naomi Home Deluxe Sleigh Glider that comes in three gorgeous colors, has frames that are made of solid wood, the padded cushions and the way it is constructed is a mixture of traditional and modern art on its own.

Sitting for long hours can cause much irritation to a person, hence, providing an encased ball bearing mechanism that gives a gliding motion, where the person can sit comfortable for a long time.

The glider can also be locked in different positions for optimal comfort. The back has thickly padded cushions made of fabric so a person can rest their arms and back comfortably.

It is also made of luxurious materials that is easy to clean and assembling it is also a breeze, which only takes about 20 minutes. Instructions provided by Naomi are also easy to follow.

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